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NHS Fees

Please note that NHS fee structure is complex and varies considerably from patient to patient depending of the treatment required. Please see NHS Fees for the standard list. Unless you are in one of the groups entitled to free NHS dental treatment or help with the cost you will require to pay 80% of the cost of your NHS dental treatment up to a maximum of £420 per course of treatment. Examples of costs for some types of NHS treatment are shown in the table below .

  • Two Small Xrays£5.68
  • Simple gum treatement (scale and polish)£12.92
  • Large amalgam (silver) filling£22.56
  • Single Crown£95.56
  • Simple extraction (one tooth)£14.76
  • Complete upper and lower dentures £214.32

Private Fees

We provide a full range of private treatments. Once we have worked out your treatment plan with you, we will provide you with a fully itemised written quotation. At no time will you be pressured into a decision, we simply ask that you let us know what you would like to do and keep us informed if anything changes. We are very happy to discuss your treatment plan with you at any time.


  • Routine private examination£30
  • Consultation with Cosmetic Dentist£25
  • Small private x-ray x2£10
  • Composite filling Teeth starts from £90
  • Bridges (per unit)£450
  • Ceramic crown£600
  • Full set of dentures from £970
  • Full upper or lower denture from £450
  • Home tooth whitening£250
  • Root canal therapy from £250
  • Simple extraction£55
  • Standard white crown£450
  • Teeth cleaning scale and polish from£45
  • Veneers (per unit)£400
  • Upper or Lower Partial Denture from£300